Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Road Warriors Ignore Road Rage!

So you travel a what! Any successful person who lives on the road for business knows that the way to make more money is to get out there and see more customers. So why when the rains of heaven pour down on New York City last week does every grown professional adult that I run in to go crazy at the airport?

So if you haven't read my book Living with No Balance and Loving It, here are some tips to keep you calm during the hectic dog days of summer travel.

1. Summer storms are worse than winter storms. The lightening and tornadoes keep planes on the ground so - get real with your technology - make sure your mobile office is really set up for travel. I can't tell you how many people I had to lend my power cords to at the Red Carpet Club because they "were only traveling for a day so they didn't think they need to charge anything." Are you kidding. Always be prepared to charge your phone, computer, iPad and anything else you need charged - maybe yourself!

2. Pack smart! Your business suit is not fun to set around in at the airport - either change before getting to the airport or travel with a change of is not fun eating your pizza on the floor of the airport in your Armani suit.

3. Bring entertainment - download the latest episodes of your favorite HBO series, use your ebooks to browse magazines and articles so that you can pretend you are having fun.

4. Most importantly have fun. Many of the airports have upgraded their bars, restaurants and shops. Pull up a bar stool and order your favorite drink and make some new friends. Remember to lose the attitude because you are not alone in the misery of travel - everyone you meet at the airport is in the same boat so enjoy it and carry on!

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