Monday, May 31, 2010

Are you a leader or a joke?

What is a true leader? What does it take to be a strong leader in todays' marketplace? Does your team take you seriously or do they refer to you as a "joke?" Now hear me out, I mean seriously - are you a joke? Do you bring value to the table every day or are you just passing the time for the next promotion or next job?

I spend enormous time with leaders in all different types of companies and all over the globe. What I find is that only about 20% of these leaders are making a difference and an impact on their team. The others are just passing the time by running meetings that waste time, focusing on more reports and analytics that will prove their point and very little time developing their people.

Why do we have to tip toe around issues? Why do we have to have meetings upon meetings where the "boss" is just waiting for all of us to finally agree with him or her? Years ago when the website domains first were introduced I created one called "Bust-a-Boss." I wanted to set up a toll free number where people could call me and tell me about their boss and I would try and help them sort it out. After testing this awhile, I found that most of the time, the boss was the one who needed feedback and even when I tried to give that person the feedback they didn't want to take it....end result - call their boss, explain how unproductive and dysfunctional this person was and hope the senior leader would sort it out.

I only wish I could still do that - but as a management consultant that would not be the best use of my time and resources. My job is to help people but only those that will accept the help and have the willingness to change.

As we enter June, we are again half way through another year. Are you doing everything you can to be a great leader and a mentor to your team? I hope so...if not call me - I won't bust a boss, but I will support someone who seeks help!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A New American Citizen

Two days ago Shelley Marlow from our team became a U.S. Citizen and I was there to witness this and participate in the glorious ceremony. There were 4,200 immigrants becoming United States Citizens and over 6,000 people joining the festivities with family and friends. It was overwhelming when we walked into the Los Angeles Convention Center which had been turned into a U.S. Court.

When the Judge began his comments, he focused on this great country and how these new Americans were no different than the Americans born in this country as we are all immigrants with the exception of Native American Indians. He then proceded to say that some Americans should come back and re-visit what America is all about and learn everything that these new Citizens have just learned about the constitution and what this fine country was built on.

I couldn't help but set there and think about all the people that complain about our great nation and here are 4,200 people working so hard to get in and be a part of this country and VOTE!

We waved our flags, sang the National Anthem and cheered on Shelley! Tears rolled down our face when we watched them take their oath and be sworn in. Welcome to America!

So now, sit back and ask yourself how you are contributing to our fine country. Don't set back and tolerate those who want to just take from us and not give anything back.

This country was built on hard work and a commitment to serve America. I am doing my part and now Shelley can vote and do her part. How about you?