Friday, May 13, 2011

Let Cindy Do It – Circa 1979 Gaslight Clubs, Inc. - Chicago, Illinois

I was in our conference room the other day on a call and looked up and took a really good look at some of my past – pictures speak a thousand words and the “Let Cindy Do It” poster that has been framed and in our office for 23 years brought it all back to life for me.

I have been in this business my entire career and that career has taken me from running night clubs in Chicago and NYC to the hotel industry where I then started my own company in 1989. I think back and how the years have just flown. But have they? It has been a lot of hard work, lots of travel and nights away from home, constantly being pulled in several directions and yet I am here to tell the story.

I wouldn’t change anything as I look back. I will always be a big believer in hard work and going the extra mile. This business of running out of the office at 5:00pm because your “shift” is over has never been my mantra, regardless of what job I had or what I was being paid. I worked hard, got my work finished and then left for the day – ok, call it what you want but it was good, honest work and is the reason I am where I am today.

I am starting my second book on Living with No Balance and Loving It. I am writing it for all the young people who are entering a work force that is not all that easy. I am writing for the generation that is so concerned with balance – I am writing for YOU!

Please know that I will always be proud of the balance I do have – a great family, great relationships with my husband, daughter, my parents and my sister’s family and I will never regret the hard work I put in to get us to this point.
Challenge me, argue with me and show me how anyone is better off by working less and trying to become successful. It doesn’t happen with star athletes, performers, business owners, doctors, lawyers or teachers. As an example, the other day I was having a mani/pedi and seated next to me was a teacher grading her students work. I said to her how much I admire teachers and how much work they have to do at home like grading assignments. She looked up at me and said with a smile on her face – “I do this work because I love my job, I love my kids and I love education.” Enough said. I couldn’t agree more with her. I do this because I love my industry, I love my clients and their business and I love the employees on my team that make it all happen and I love the fact that my hard work will take care of the family that I love and that depends on me.

So if you don’t want to work that hard, no problem – Let Cindy Do It for YOU!