Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Focus on the Future

In order to develop a positive attitude during these times, we need to focus on the future. A positive outlook of the future is what will guide you and your team through this mess. So where does one begin? First - look in the mirror. What do you see? Do you see someone with the glass half empty or full? Do you see yourself helping your business in new ways - have you created an innovative idea lately?

The answers to these questions lie within you. You and only you need to take charge right now to help build business, give customers great service and provide value to your company. Great leaders, great employees are developed...not born. Yet, why do so many people seem to feel they don't need any development?

Today I want to explore the idea I had years ago - "Bust a Boss!" Now this may seem radical (which I am as you all know), but what I am talking about is simple "real time" conversations with your boss and vice a versa. Bust things up - shatter the normal and sit down and have a real conversation with your boss and tell them the truth. How can anyone help you if you don't admit where you may need some help.

Recently I met with a group and shared the idea of having them all write on a flip chart what they were really good at and on the other flip chart what they were not good at and didn't like doing. What followed was a complete change in the structure of the team. "Bust it Up." Change things around, but let's stop playing around. Real time feedback and talking to one another is the only way to really have a positive outlook of the future. Anything short of that is mere horseplay.

In today's complex environment the boss may not have all the answers. If you are the boss - and you don't have all the answers - admit it, ask for help and stop hiding behind the title. The future belongs to those of us with the confidence to lead our team through this economy. Tomorrow will show the results of our efforts.