Friday, October 16, 2009

Executives With Too Much Time on Their Hands!

We have experienced the biggest economic slow down we have seen in years and still there are so many executives that are out of control. Now more than ever it is every one's responsibility within an organization to make a difference. Whether you are the mail boy or the CEO, you need to focus on 3 key elements in your business today.

1. Keep all current customers so happy they won't go elsewhere
2. Find new customers to replace those that you have lost
3. Create innovative ideas to get your customers to spend more money with you

Now this takes brain power, energy, team work, brainstorming, breaking out of our comfort zones and accepting that just because you are the vice president you may not have all the answers.

As a leader you have a fundamental obligation to your business, your board members, your employees and your customers. Find ways to keep the business alive and don't sit back in your easy chair and direct. This time in history means rolling up your sleeves and getting out there and working - not sitting on the side lines judging and criticizing, but actually assisting your people how to do it better everyday.

I have been a leader for over 30 years and I promise you I have always worked side by side with my team during tough times. It doesn't mean during great times I sit back, it just means when business is so great I can step aside and plan for the future. The future right now is tomorrow and if you haven't done anything to help your team for tomorrow - there is no sense in sticking around for the future - because there may not be one for you! P.S. Wonder what I am doing with a TSA agent - just so happens they were having line up and I teach organizations about line up so I asked if I could join in - due to some security reasons I could only join for the last few minutes, but I did learn some new things - day by day, city by city, airport by airport I know I am helping each person I meet and each person on my team how to be better. And along the way I also learn and grow! Oh by the way - this TSA agent knows me so well her nickname for me is "shoes." I bet that some executives out there are not known as well by their employees as I am by these agents.