Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pay More Attention To Your Attitude!

Everyone always says they have such a great attitude and positive outlook on life, and some of them do; but the truth is, is that people need to pay more attention to their attitude and recognize how it comes across. If we videotaped them, without them knowing, some would be pretty shocked at what they saw…

For me, in my career, I have to be “ON” and have a positive attitude all the time. And ladies and gentleman, I’m okay with being a positive and happy person. The line I love to use is, “This is the life I’ve chose, therefore we must accept it!” Now I know there are days where everyone has a moment, but let’s get real and focus on changing for the better.

This brings me to a story…Yes, you know I have a lot of stories because I love getting involved with people – whether they like it or not! I was in Cairo, Egypt and a few of my trainers and I went on a Nile Dinner Cruise. Now I have done this before, but one of my trainers hadn’t and we really wanted to get a feel of the culture and take a trip down the Nile! What could be better?! This cruise is such a vivid experience, filled with delicious food, cultural singing and dancing, and everyone in the room here for one reason – to have a good time. All cultures merged together, no matter where they’re from, and what else is going on in the world – only there to eat good food, listen to music and have a great time. It was when we were getting seated that I noticed the couple that was sitting at the two-top almost touching our table. Because we were seated so close, this obviously gives me that right to be involved  This woman was SO in a mood that it was beaming from her chair! She was an American and her husband (I think it may have been their Honeymoon – and UH OH to that!) was British. He was having the time of his life, taking pictures, doting over her, making sure she had everything she needed and this woman would NOT crack a smile, say thank you or exude any amount of positivity. Look lady, we’re on a dinner cruise on the NILE RIVER and you look like you’re about to kill somebody! Now, ok maybe she was having a bad day – but look at what other people perceived from her attitude. Her snappy attitude, glare, and miserable look on her face made her stand out in the room of happy tourists and Egyptian dancers that were there to entertain us. Needless to say, I kept smiling at her and got involved with the husband and let him join in on our fun table! Yes, you all would say…Cindy you would do that! And I did!

This brings me back to one thing – put a smile on your face. Remember: we’re not here for a long time; we’re here for a good time. Live by that for once.