Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Let's Get Real

Everyone in business today is serious about staying in their business and more so growing their business. But what does that really mean. What changes in behavior have you taken to find new business. There are a lot of people out there fighting for your share of the pie, and guess what ~ they may be more serious than you. What do you have to do in order to keep the business you have and actually win more business?

The answer lies in your focus, drive and commitment to work harder than your competition to keep your current customers and win new ones. Let's say for example you have a frozen yogurt shop in your neighborhood. You already have a lot of regular clients ~ you even have a loyalty program and stamp their card each time they come in. Well, what happens when someone opens another yogurt store within 1 mile of your existing shop? The new yogurt store even tells customers that they will honor your loyalty card and they have priced themselves evenly with you, offer more toppings for the yogurt than you have and even more so, they have a customized juice bar that you don't have.

What are you going to do. Complain to your friends that the community should not have allowed them to open another yogurt store by yours, lower your prices, try to build a juice bar, add more toppings - what are you going to do?

Let's get real! No one has a license on market share. What should you do? Make sure this doesn't effect you. First let's look at business today and see how focused you are and how competitive you must be. Answer the following questions to make sure you are prepared for the next competitive strike.

1. What new things are you providing to your customers now...before they ask for it?
2. How do you respond to customer feedback?
3. What does sense of urgency mean to you?
4. How do you actively stay on top of the competition?
5. How much fun do you have with your customers and your employees?

The answers to these questions and others will help you continue to position yourself aggressively against the competition. Remember ~ Let's Get Real! Stop blaming everyone else about your loss of revenue. Find new ways to contribute to top line revenue right now, whether you are in sales or not.

For more help contact and ask for Cindy - I will give you what you need, and don't be surprised if it isn't a good kick in the pants!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer is Almost Over!

So the lazy days of summer are coming to an end...or are they? People are still out of work, or working less and to them, summer will keep on rolling until they are employed. The politics of today concern everyone - healthcare, the war(s), the economy, the weather, and on and on and on. So stop right now and focus on what I am about to say! Seriously. What is wrong with America? We are a strong country that has been a leader forever and now because the media and the liberals continue to tell everyone how bad it is here, some people are actually believing it.

Again, I am really not concerned if you are conservative or liberal - I am concerned with reality and most people can't face reality. Reality of this country has been built on hard work and not on hand outs. But that doesn't seem to matter anymore. Give me more, give me more...who is going to give more? The only people that are going to give more are the ones that are working hard to be able to give.

Tonight I had dinner with friends from England. First they HATE their heath care system and second, their friends and family members that are out of work are not even trying to get jobs because in their socialist society - the government will take care of them. So sad and so true.

When are we going to stop blaming and start to take some responsibility. If you haven't saved money, invested money in IRA's or your own retirement - whose fault is it? Money problems have been around forever - the only difference now is that we have to constantly blame someone and it usually is big business. I am over it and over those who want a hand out. Charity begins at home and I will take care of my own - my family, my business and my country. If you don't like that - who cares! We will not only survive this mess we will thrive. Look at the real grass roots of America...they are speaking up and not standing for this chaos. Think we are kidding...just continue to sit back in your easy chair and watch. This is just the beginning. Nothing and no one will make you a success. This comes from within - you either have it or you don't. Make something happen now and you will be successful for the rest of your life!