Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Art of Listening

Laptops, tablets, GPS, smart phones, even smart cars! If there is ever anything you need, don’t worry, there’s an App for that! The technology available to us today is endless and advancing daily. With all of these distractions, in person interaction seems to be fewer and farther between. This is why it is more and more important to practice the long lost art of listening. I’m not talking about one earphone in, listening to music, writing a text and watching someone talk to you. I’m talking about stopping, focusing, making eye contact and LISTENING! Imagine what could be accomplished if we all took those extra minutes to listen and understand what is being said to us. Think of the mistakes that could be avoided! It has been proven that the generational Boomers tend to multitask and listen better that than those of generation x/y and millennials because of these technological advances. However, Boomers still have much to learn from the other generations. If we all teach each other how to listen, learn well and live in a fast paced world, we will all be more proficient in the long run!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Just Hanging Around Doesn't Add Value...

Whether you are a leader an employee, a friend, a sibling or a spouse, it matters to “matter.” Once a person becomes ineffective their days are numbered. This is true in friendships, families and business. What value are you adding to your friends & family? Do you ever really have a good conversation with them? Do you offer advice or is your relationship based on just going out for drinks and dinner? Now drinks and dinner is just fine – don’t get me wrong. But so many people drain the energy of some of their friends without filling the other persons bucket. Value comes in many ways. It comes from making a difference at work, at home, with your neighbors and your spouse or partner in life. If comes from caring, it comes from passion and it doesn't revolve around you but around the other person. If you are just sticking around because the job or the relationship is easy, but there is no real passion to make it better, you are not adding any value to your job or life. Make a difference today – go out and share ideas with those around you so at the end of the day you can feel good about the value you have added. A friend of mine quote the song from “Chicago,” when he talked about people making a difference – he said I never want to become “Mr. Cellophane...”