Thursday, May 8, 2008

Live it to the fullest!

Welcome to May - we are almost half way through 2008 and yet so many people are still "gearing up." The media is having a "hay day" with trying to convince us that we are headed toward a recession. Call me too positive, but I will go with a bit of a slow down, but I absolutely will not say the "R" word.

If you are an aggressive business professional you are still very busy. Business happens when people make it happen! Are you making anything happen? If you are in sales, there has never been a more critical time to prospect for new business. In fact, let me take a few minutes and talk about the word "prospecting." I recently had a business associate say to me that he didn't like the word "prospecting." It made it seem too hard core salesmanship (ish) - I say forget that - without hunting for new business you will see a slow down faster than you can imagine.

Make no mistake about it - we have to look for new business. Call it what you want - but keep your eyes and ears open. I am in Toronto this week - beautiful spring weather in Canada - the trees are blooming, the flowers are just popping out and it is a perfect time for a fresh start. I am so excited about all the new opportunities out there - our business is growing, clients are asking for more every day - and there is not one challenge about any of this I can't handle.

Remember, this is the life we chose - therefore we must accept it. Enjoy each day and you will find so many people to enjoy it with. Have a great spring and make it a goal to live it to the fullest. You owe it to yourself, your company, your clients, your family and everyone around you. Thanks so much for reading!