Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bust a Boss!

Attention - Attention! Listen to me loud and clear if you are a manager or leader of any kind. Your role as a "boss" is the most important role other than being a parent, spouse, friend, daughter or son. Your influence on those you manage will affect them forever! Years ago when I started my business I had so many people confide in me regarding poor leadership, I felt a need to do something about it. Fix the world! Let's just say I was young and thought I could change everyone. To this day, I still hear "off the record" from many people searching for advice about their "boss." I created a 800# back in 1990 called "Bust a Boss" which was similar to a "hotline" that would tattle on bad bosses and then I would try and follow up with their Human Resources Department and try to help with coaching on these individuals. Within just days I received so many calls about bad bosses that I had to shut it down because I couldn't possibly handle the volume.

Well fast forward - we are a much bigger company now and have the ability to provide a lot of executive coaching around the world. There are many individuals that are in the personal coaching arena but have never really managed people, they just got certified in coaching.

We are different, we not only have certified coaches on our team, each of these people have managed teams and have been very successful. Are you a boss who needs feedback and coaching? Do your people talk to you, open up to you and seek your advice and direction?

Or are you the boss who everyone avoids, goes around you for advice, tells you what you want to hear and overall wishes they didn't work for you?

So here I go again. Bust a Boss is alive and kicking. If you have an issue that you would like help on just simply email us at and we will take it from there. Remember trying to "throw some one under the bus" will be dismissed immediately. We are about authentic coaching and helping everyone get better.

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Anonymous said...

What a great concept to help change the behavior of a poor leader or perhaps a leader who has become stagnant. A true investment for any company wishing to strengthen the team reporting to that manager or director instead of losing that talent to the competitors.