Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Friends, It's Truly a Luxe World!

No matter where you live, where you came from & how much money you make - you can enjoy a luxury lifestyle, because the word luxury can be made into any way you want it. Luxury to some may be designer bags & clothes and extravagant trips to far away destinations or to others maybe it's a small town feel of bike riding, popsicles, spending time with family and going tubing down the river for a summer vacation.

What my point is, is that luxury, no matter what "kind" should not be shunned upon for any reason and NO ONE should have to apologize for hosting events or parties for the luxury industry.

I spoke at an event last week in San Diego: Engage!11, which is a luxury wedding event put on by two incredible women, Rebecca Grinnals & Kathryn Arce for all luxury wedding professionals - and what a spectacular event this was. The colors were "noir, cream, & crimson" and it was done to THE NINES. Splendid set up, divine speakers, dolled up parties, exquisite decorative items, you name it - they had it!

While my team and I were there, we were speaking with numerous people in the luxury industry and they were all saying the same thing - why should we apologize for hosting luxury events? Business is coming back and there are still consumers out there that want luxury goods and services. They kept saying, we are employed in this industry to provide the best of the best and work our tails off everyday to provide these people with the most outrageous experiences ever - why should we apologize?!

They are right, luxury isn't saving lives by any mean, but everyone has their own role in this world. One of them put it into this perspective for me: I am putting on weddings for people in the luxury market that are working hard to maintain a comfortable life and then there are some that are just born into wealth and maintain that. But in retrospect, they explained that they work with people that work hard and want to have nice things and desire to be on top one day. Doesn't everyone?!

So, next time you see something with "luxury" plastered on the label, don't be discouraged or think that luxury means the same thing to everyone - get motivated, inspired & engaged!

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