Sunday, November 9, 2008

Where has the Year Gone?

So it is November and I can't believe it. I just returned from Mexico City - great many great people and of course great food. On my way to Nashville, Wisconsin and then Dublin. I guess by the time Thanksgiving rolls around I will have spent more time out of the states than in them. So what about the future? Every one is looking at the economy and wondering - what is next? Here is my take on this. It always has been about hard work and doing the right things. Today it is no different. All of us who have money in the stock market remember past years when this happened as well. You could say - "oh not this bad." But there are plenty of facts to show, that yes this too has happened and this too will pass. The problem is that it won't be for a while and it will not be easy. That is the biggest problem. It will not be easy. So let's buckle down. Last month I talked about the United Flight Attendants from Asia that were laid off and how disappointed I was that the U.S. based flight attendants never treated us as well. Well I take it back. I flew back to LAX from Japan with an entire U.S. based crew and they were lovely. They talked about how bad they felt about the current layovers and they did everything in their power to make our journey wonderful. So, remember "you gotta do what you gotta do" well these ladies show they know how to do it. Congrats to United Airlines for getting it right.

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