Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Traveling Blanket Saga

Many of you saw on my Facebook a few weeks ago about "my traveling blanket." Being as I'm such a positive and happy person all the time, you probably thought it was some cute story about how my daughter made me a traveling blanket or something - NO! It is a terrible story of bad customer service and how customer service is downsizing across the globe and how once again, it always happens to me.

I was flying on United Airlines on that day a few weeks ago, coming home in my first class seat from Washington DC. I'm flying first class because I had flown over 100,000 miles in the first half of the year. Yes, I know, scary. So, as you all know I'm exhausted from my trip and need to get my 5 hours rest in on this flight because the next day I'm doing it all over again.

I have griped about a lot of airlines on my blog because #1, I live on them and also because I simply do not understand how downright bad most of them treat you as a PAYING customer in a service industry. Well obviously United is cutting costs and ultimately beginning to screw every passenger, one by one.

Let's go back - I am putting my "wheelie" in the overhead compartment and I sit down to get wrapped up in my blanket and catch some Zzz's. As I open my blanket up, I realize that it barely covers my body and think to myself if I have the kid's size or something... NOPE. I look around me and people are getting their blankets out and they are all HUGE ones. Am I seriously the only person that has the small blanket? I ask the flight attendant, because at this point, I'm OTT (over the top). "I'm sorry Ma'am, I know that United is changing the blankets to cut costs on these aircrafts and maybe they are doing a "slow transition." A SLOW TRANSITION? No, you are downsizing your customer service one blanket at a time and I'm the one sitting here with the kid's blanket when every one else has the big ones. Of course there were no extras and none in Coach because God forbid anyone catch Sars or the Bird Flu. I stole the girl's blanket next to me when we landed, so I could take both of them home, lay them out on my floor and show to you all that I am FAR from kidding. Look at the right of my blog and see for yourself.

Needless to say, another letter will go in the mail to United and I'll rant and rave and a measley 10,000 miles will be awarded in my account - YIPEE. When is it going to stop?!

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