Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The US Open Shows a Sign of a True Professional

For those of you who have been following my blog in the last year, know that I attended all 4 golf majors last season and have become quite a golf connoisseur, like my husband and daughter.

So far 2011, my family hit The Masters and Lefty (my husband) just attended the US Open at Congressional in DC. He spent the entire week, staying at the player's hotel - conversating and relaxing with some of golf's finest. One of these players, was Rory McIlroy who just won his first major yesterday at 22 years old.

On Thursday afternoon, Lefty was hanging out in the player's club room after most of the players had just completed their first round of the 2011 US Open. Lefty was sitting at a table and Rory came up and sat down next to him and started a conversation. Now, think about this - this 'kid' is LEADING the US Open, 22 years old and is going to sit down at a table of strangers for some casual conversation. I know many senior sales people in business and senior players on the tour that would not do what Rory did.

After introducing himself to Rory, Lefty told Rory that his (Rory's) sponsor, Jumeirah is one of our luxury customers as well. Rory was so enthused and started asking him all kinds of questions about what we do in business and how we got in this business, etc. It was incredible, Rory is leading the US Open and is excited to have a full conversation about something other than himself. Remember, he had a lot on his mind. In the lead, pressure all around him and yet totally engaged in others and soaking up all the opportunities of playing in this unbelievable tournament.

So what is my take away? What has happened in business today where some people make it to the top (or what they think is the top)and forget those around them. There are so many people who don't return calls for months even years and then when they need something you are the first person they call. How about your team, your company and your clients. Most people care about those in a different order - clients first because they pay me, but forget about the team that supports them in order to get those clients and make their commission.

Time will tell what type of person you will be remembered as. Are you the person who is giving of your time, ideas, solutions and partnerships or are the person who only cares about yourself and what you will benefit from each interaction.

Good guys do finish first and Rory has shown that a winning golfer can be relaxed, fun, professional and shows that to the fans who support him because he knows that is why there are golf tournaments in the first place.

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