Thursday, February 24, 2011

Take some time to think!

I recently read the book "The Way We are Working, Isn't Working! by Tony Schwartz and it reconfirmed my whole theory about living without balance and loving it. Although Tony goes into much more detail about health, exercise and diet, he does say that the most productive people work in high energy bursts of time for shorter periods and then step away to think, relax and re-charge.

Every time I am speaking to sales professionals and their leaders I always emphasize how critical it is to jump on the phone for one hour of prospecting and then off again to return calls, check email and even take a quick walk outside to get a breath of fresh air. It is not about locking yourself in a room and pounding out hours of prospecting calls.

This also relates to the theory "work hard, play hard." I have often been critized that I am a work alcoholic because of my tough travel schedule. Again, I would argue that I have more balance in my life than the executives that are sitting in their offices for hours upon hours getting home after their family has had dinner and there is no time left except to fall asleep and start all over again.

My travel schedule has allowed me to spend more time with my family. Even when my daughter was young I took her out of school and allowed her to travel for a week with me. She had my full attention and we saw the world together. Now that she is out of college and working for me, she still gets to spend time on the road with me. My husband, Lefty has been traveling with me extensively for many years, thus giving us more time to talk about both work and our lives.

Even the most successful musicians, artists, and athletes practice in short bursts of time, giving them the ability to keep going and practice more than the ones who take hours upon hours of practice but don't step away to clear their minds and re-energize.

I am currently spending a week in Breckenridge skiing and clearing my mind. I do this every February for that same reason. The rush of the holidays are over, January is always a busy kick off month with a lot of travel and prep meetings for the year. It can seem overwhelming unless you take time to step out of the race and focus on what is important and what isn't.

I challenge you to step out of the race for at least a few hours - put that Blackberry or iPhone down and really think - think about your goals, what is important to you that you have ignored, your diet, your health and your future.

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Jane said...

Amen Cindy! Just came back from recharging my desperately low battery. We often forget it must be done and balance is key. Glad all is well with you!