Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Functional" Design

As much as I travel, I see a wide variety of design in hotels, restaurants – you name it. I think the word innovation has been taken to another level. Believe me, I love new & cool design in the right kind of hotel, with vibrant colors and the latest gadgets – but sometimes having the neon yellow blinding you when you wake up for your business meeting is just not that appealing. Design for your customer. Everyone is trying to be “cool” today and when thinking about these shops, websites, hotels & restaurants, the word “cool” or innovative, still needs to be functional. Bottom line. I can’t tell you how many times I go into a hotel, and I take my cosmetic bag out and there isn’t even a ledge for you to put it on. It is so sleek with touch screens and a TV built in the mirror, but no place to lay your mascara or cologne. Another thing – hey, I’m 5 feet tall, and when the sink juts out a good 3 ½ feet, I can’t even lean that far into the mirror to my put my makeup, NOT functional. So the next time you are deciding on the new, cool, and innovative design for whatever the case may be, remember if the lighting in the room is too dim, your customers won’t know whether they’re dressed for the disco or a board meeting…

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