Thursday, February 10, 2011

A True Gem of The South - Van Michael Salons

It all started 27 years ago with 2 brothers in Georgia trying to make it out in the big city. Through hard work, perseverance, and a dynamic goal setting ability, Van & Michael successfully opened their first hair salon with only 7 chairs and now, have made a name for themselves – one that will go down in history. With locations from Tokyo to Miami, they have a simple philosophy – no matter how much you pay for a service there, VMS gives their clients a $500 experience. They value customer service and want every single one of their employees to take ownership of the salon. Their training is a key part of the company and investing in your best is a strong mentality of theirs. Being a client of Master Connection Associates, we take pride in knowing they strive on creating such a valuable experience. These salons are of a different caliber. World class salons should equal world class service, and that is what they strive for. Like Michael has always said, “To keep the doors open, we would cater to the client.” This hasn’t changed. Maybe it was the 70’s flick, ‘Shampoo’ that motivated Van to set a goal and drive for his dream; whatever is was, I can say that they’re doing something right!

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Jamieshetler said...

Great glimpse at Van Michael Cindy! Thanks for the continued benefit you bring!