Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tiger vs. Cindy

My husband and daughter are really into golf and over the past year, I myself have become a pretty big fan. As I was watching a tournament on my ONE "off day" in the month of March with Lefty a few weekends ago and I started thinking about some things. I began to relay the actions of certain golfers to the hospitality industry.

I will tell you this: I am not a fan of Tiger Woods, for numerous reasons (email me if you want to know why) and I started watching his swagger. That swagger that has recently started coming back now that his melancholy, "I'm Sorry" stunt is over. Before Tiger got caught, he was on the top of his game, living the life. Yet, not a gentleman on the course or off the course and became too big for his britches. He never appreciated one fan, signed an autograph, smiled for a picture with a 7 year old aspiring golfer. Tiger began to falter on the basics in life - having that integrity and demeanor of a true athlete. Spitting on the course, swearing when hits a bad shot on live TV, throwing clubs, or having his caddie, "Stevie" call a class act golfer like Phil Mickelson, some obscene names is not going to get you very far and for the remainder of 2010 and now into 2011, he is winless and it will stay that way. Karma is a funny thing.

I began to think that Tiger is like one of those sales people that makes their sales goal one time and thinks they're senior. Or that speaker that gives one speech and gets a standing ovation and thinks, "That's it, I've made it - I am the best." Every single time I go on stage I am nervous, but humble and sincere enough to say my piece and move on to the next one. You are never bigger than you think you are. Remember that - and call Tiger and let him know too.

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