Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Customers Wanting More!

Service is about attention to detail. Whether it is Five Star Dining or a hotel – it doesn’t matter how much you pay if you do not get the small attention to detail. The amount of travelers out there today is amazing – the crunch is coming to an end and people are paying to fly business or first class, stay in luxury hotels and wait in line at luxury boutiques. I am not talking about millionaires, I am talking about everyday people that are back to enjoying life – BUT ….. with that said – you better be prepared to treat them so well they will return for more. Does every employee on your team know how important the guest is – does everyone smile, call people by names or….do they treat their customer as a nuisance? I am beginning to find nicer people out there traveling – not necessarily working in the service business but the travelers – they have made a conscious choice to get out, get on a plane and travel. They want to be treated well.

Just watch this latest video on some of the guests that are traveling but not necessarily in the luxury world – remember we have to know our customers.


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