Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome to 2010!

We have made it through a tough year of '09 and we are all welcoming in the New Year. So let's reflect on what happened and what changes need to happen in order to make this the beginning of a great decade.

First of all let's remember that Hope is NOT a plan - it is a dream and will not come to reality without hard work and dedication. On New Years Eve I celebrated with my family in Houston and we had one of my nephews friends join us as he was on leave from the military. It was so interesting to talk to him about his positive outlook on a tough war and the future of America. He was motivated, positive and full of life - even though he was going back to fight.

Then there were others I met over the holidays who on the other hand had nothing to say but complaining. Complaints about no job, their inablity to save money, their lack of focus and their constant search for the solution.

Well the solution is right before you. It lies in your hands, your heart, your brain and your passion to make a difference.

Are you where you want to be as we enter 2010? Are you living the life you want to live right now? Are you focused on goals that will help you achieve everything you ever hoped for? What are doing for the rest of your life?

Anyone that follows me or reads my blog knows that I am all about the positive outlook on life, but I have never been one for sitting around waiting for things to happen. I believe in making things happen for myself, my family and my companies. I will never leave fate in someone elses hands.

Years ago, I met a person who tried to convince me that life was not in my hands. She preached to me that no matter what plans I made, it didn't matter. Well I don't know where that woman is today - nor do I care, but if she were around, I would share this with her.

I have had choices to make as everyone has over this past year. How do we keep our businesses running with a profit and not lay anyone off? How do I make sure I keep all of our assets safe and still invest in the future? Well HOPE was not the strategy to our success. Our success has always been built on a plan and actions to support that plan. Nothing has changed.

So for all of you that are struggling, please take this time to sit down with your closest family member or friend and begin to spell out your plan. What will you change immediately to make a difference in your life? How will these changes affect you for the future? What help do you need and where will you seek it?

This is the beginning of a brand new decade. You have choices my friends to make a difference. So let's ring it in with the most passion you can give.

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