Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Rest of The Story in Reading, UK

So here is the rest of the story and it has a happy ending. My clients in Reading called the General Manager of the hotel and shared my experience with him. He was very apologetic and asked what he could do. Of course, a comp stay was not an option, dinner for 2 was out of the question so my client said, she just wants you to know where your problems are.

I went back to the hotel to get my luggage and drive back into London and the General Manager met me in the lobby. He didn't just meet me with a smile, but a bouquet of flowers and a box of English Chocolates. He and I had a very nice chat while I explained to him exactly how his employees had handled this situation and gave very observable feedback. He appreciated it and we exchanged business cards for follow up. So one bad night was rewarded with some personal attention, a new friend and a new client. Gotta love feedback!

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