Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dolce Vita!

So here we are in Italy. We spent 3 magnificant days in Rome. Private tour of the Vatican, The Spanish Steps, the shopping, dining and above all, the laughs and fun with Kelly (my sister) and Dean. This has been a trip of a lifetime for them. We are now in Florence, and when we checked into the beautiful Four Seasons Hotel they escorted Kelly and Dean to their lovely suite, with flowers, champagne, and chocolates. Happy Anniversary! I loved the look in their eyes. Seeing them enjoy this trip is worth the price of admission. They are thrilled. We had a lovely day going to Pisa and tomorrow a city tour of Florence. Then off to a Villa to rest up for our flight home.

It has always been said that it is better to give than receive and I have always been a giver, but this trip has been a gift to me as well. Although I miss having Lefty with us, we talk several times at the end of my day and text late into the night. I have been in charge of making this a great trip for my sister and Dean, and it is working.

We went to Mass at the Vatican and as I sat there listening to the service in Italian I felt so good - I knew pretty much everything they were saying and it was a special time to just sit back and reflect on this year. We are all so blessed and so many of us just go so fast we don't take time to just "chill." I have not laughed so hard and had so many great conversations with my sister in a long time. We are always focused on the kids, work or family. This was just about us and it was a great time to connect. Lefty stayed connected by our stories over Skype each night - he laughed right along with us.

So as we enter the festive season of Thanksgiving, reach out and let those you love know how thankful you are for them. It only takes a phone call, a card and even just an email. Life is short - you all know that, so take care of what matters now. Dolce Vita!

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Meghan said...

If you haven't already left Florence may I recommend some food? On the Left side of the Duomo (as looking at the front door) there is a restaurant (I don't know the name) with outdoor and indoor seating. They have the worlds best gnocchi!!! It is gnocchi with Pistachi (Pistachios) and Gorgonzola. I have eaten there on the many times I've been to Florence and it NEVER disappoints. Loved the blog post, it makes me miss Italy so very much! And, love the new layout - clean, crisp, easy to read.