Monday, March 16, 2009

It is a Global Promise of Success!

Stop focusing on your own problems, your own company, and your own country. We live in a global economy and it is amazing how positive things sound when you are reading the newspaper in Singapore or Sydney vs. New York. I am serious. The world is not coming to an end ~ although there is a global slow down ~ it is not the end of business. So here are some thoughts for those of you trying to run a business in the states.

1. Do you have a product that you could market internationally?
2. Have you opened up your company to do business in parts of the US or globally that you have never thought of before?
3. Is your Internet Marketing programs working for you while you are sleeping?

Now is the time to try out different things. Don't think for one minute that you must be a mega corporation to do business abroad. There are so many possibilites for those who reach out and grab them.

Are you ready to start selling to new markets, new clients, new territories. If you depend on the same customers that you have been doing business with over the past several years, you may find yourself behind - branch out and don't be afraid of what you don't know.

The world has become very small. There are entrepreuneurs in every country - someone ready and willing to rep for you, partner with you and capitalize on your ideas. Ready - Set - Go!

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