Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Corporate Social Responsibility ~ "CSR"

Ok...the time has come to call it what it is - unbelievable. How can Howard Schultz the founder and CEO of Starbucks actually talk about "giving back" on CNN yesterday when he has closed 600 stores in the US and has laid off all of the assistant managers in each of his existing stores. Sounds like a good marketing message to let everyone know that $1.00 per coffee goes to help struggling countries. What about all his employees that are now out of work and can't find another job. Maybe he should donate $1.00 per drink to them. Corporate Social Responsibility - the new buzzword of business should start at home...

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), also known as corporate responsibility, corporate citizenship, responsible business and corporate social opportunity is a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model. Ideally, CSR policy would function as a built-in, self-regulating mechanism whereby business would monitor and ensure their adherence to law, ethical standards, and international norms.

Business would embrace responsibility for the impact of their activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere. Furthermore, business would proactively promote the public interest by encouraging community growth and development, and voluntarily eliminating practices that harm the public sphere, regardless of legality. Essentially, CSR is the deliberate inclusion of public interest into corporate decision-making, and the honoring of a triple bottom line: People, Planet, Profit.

Now it is not that I am against any of the above ideas or principles. In fact I am all about helping each other, saving the planet and honoring the community growth internationally. But I do believe that each of us are obliged to start with our own companies and countries. I have always believed that charity starts at home and if we all don't take care of our own organizations, neighborhoods, employees and families we will never solve much.

Too many movie stars, musicians and executives find it their role to try to fix the world when maybe they should drive into the "bad neighborhoods" of their own cities. Maybe it is time to help one another out at home so that we will have the strength to help others around the world.

My company has always practiced CSR - I take care of my employees, my customers, my community and help around the world with my customers. In addition, we are ethical, honest and deliver on our promises.

I believe it is time to look in the mirror and make sure you are walking the talk at home and in your own company before you branch out to save the planet.

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