Thursday, April 19, 2012

Self Promotion

So... I am reading a leading sales and marketing magazine and there is an entire 4 page article dedicated to the subject of “How to Hire the Best Sales Trainer for Your Sales Team.” As I read the article, I realize that the author is actually a sales trainer and everything he is suggesting is promoting himself. Here is where I think that some “subject matter experts” have become vanilla in the world of professionalism. Sure, I can write a great article about why you should hire me – but in my mind that would be considered a promotional piece – not an editorial by a “subject matter expert.” The time has come for the charlatans in business today to be recognized as self promoting corporate cowards! I know this is strong language – but nothing is more aggravating than listening and reading about people that self promote without calling it that. We live in a world of organizations that recognize each other constantly, awards are given out to each other by each other, and even some organizations have figured out ways to pay for customers to post great things about them. Enough is Enough! Can’t we just win fair and square? Hard work pays off and the customers know who they can depend on. Promote yourself all you want – I do believe in self promotion but at least call it that and not an editorial.

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