Monday, April 30, 2012

Lost in Translation

By now you know that I have been traveling internationally for the past 4 months ~ with that in mind, you must also know that I need to have my nails done, hair colored and I run out of the usual amenities such as a "razor." This is where I find how much we have in common but how different we communicate. When my co-worker called down and asked for a razor, the bellman brought an "eraser." When I tried to explain that I had a "cow lick" in my bangs when getting my hair done, the stylist brought me a "food magazine with a picture of beef" on the cover. Although very funny - it just goes to show that we are still very close but oh so far away. And this my friends was just about personal needs, not about corporate business, politics or heavy conversation. That is where things really go a miss. So today try to communicate with a global touch. Ask deeper questions, try to understand each other in their own world and be a "teacher." Try and help others out and learn to take their help as well. Your way is not the only way and when you live like a global citizen you learn to love "all people."

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