Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Everything I Learn About a City, I Learn at the Beauty Salon!

I believe that the “real” people of a city are the employees who are least likely to be asked about where to eat, shop and what the best sites are in a city – these people are the doorman at hotels, sales clerks in stores and for me the hairdresser at a beauty salon! Yes it is “Steel Magnolia” – I know that is what you are thinking. I have begun to spoil myself and when I arrive in a city I go and have my hair blown out – just like the movie stars! I talk to my stylists, the shampoo person and the receptionist. I ask about their favorite local restaurants, where they get massages and what would they suggest we do for the weekend before we start work on Monday. Without fail, I find the best spots -- The local foot massage in Hong Kong which costs 150 HKD vs. the hotel spa where the cost is 900 HKD. I guarantee you if you visit me in my home town I will show you the best spots – not the most expensive. So, even if you don’t get your hair done all the time I invite you to talk to the locals and find out what is really the best in the city you are visiting. Remember who wants a concierge on auto pilot. The real passion is the person who loves their city!

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