Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Let's Take It Up a Notch for Q4!

Where did 2011 go?!
As we have entered our last quarter this week, it is so important to raise the bar in the last months of the year. Because the year has flown by and things, for most, have been very busy - it can be very easy to relax and take the slow road through the holidays and onto 2012.

Don't crash your creativity. I built my business on my creative spirit and that lives through my entire team. Creativity is the core of innovation. Begin to start thinking more creative today. Start this creativity course of action:
1. Change up your office environment.
2. Change your Outlook background and colors!
3. Start your day earlier and spend 15-30 minutes reading something - newspaper, online articles, a book or magazine.
4. Stand up during your calls and ALWAYS during your morning lineup.
5. Change where you go to lunch.
6. Get outside your comfort zone, where a different color to work today. (I know we all wear black, black, black!)

*Keep it fresh, keep it simple and never settle for ordinary!

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