Monday, May 4, 2009

Bus Stops, Ducks and Thrill Rides

It is a beautiful beginning of May. I started out in Atlanta, hiked through some local parks - well a leisurely walk is more like it with friends from Atlanta, had a great dinner and lots of laughs. Then off to Orlando for the Oracle Users Conference where I gave 3 keynote speeches. It is amazing how we can go from calm to high anxiety in just one day.

In Orlando, I decided we needed to get out and get some vitamin D and walk a bit around International Drive - well remember this is Orlando and it was the first hot day of spring 90 degrees and also no one walks in Orlando. I convinced Shelley who was with me to walk to Sea World - you now get it. Hot, tired, and when we finally made it to Sea World we were at the employee entrance. The general admission entrance was still one mile around the corner. We sat at a bus stop with the locals - waiting for bus 8 to take us back to the Peabody and engaged in conversation with the local bus riders - that made the trip. We spoke to one gentleman from Haiti who worked in F & B from Sea World, one retired golf caddy who was leaving for Missouri to caddy for a seniors tour, and one local Florida man who was riding the bus downtown for dinner. It was refreshing, fun and so out of character for people like us who fly to great destinations, get picked up in town cars and never leave the hotel.

Although we were very hot, I just kept thinking - you gotta love this life! Made it back to the Peabody, watched the ducks and then when the sun went down, we went back to Sea World and rode the new rollercoaster - Manta! Not even open to the public yet, but we were with some people who had passes for the press party. We played with the Manta Rays, wathed the dolphin shows, and learned about the sharks.

When I think about my travel schedule right now - on the road for 17 days without going home - dealing with business and the economy, the "flu", and the flight issues, I could sink into a "pity pool." But this is what I do - I enjoy the moment - I enjoy the city, I enjoy the thrill of this life that I chose. So today when you read this - remember, it is only as good as you make it.

You may be going through lay offs at work, salary reductions, family problems, illness and an array of issues. This is life and we have to accept the drama that comes with it.

My hats off to all of us that are holding our heads up high in spite of everything and continuing to look for the positive. Tough times don't last - tough people do!
Have a great week.

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jeffrey.hyde said...

Thank you for the words of inspiration Cuz. We all need to keep our heads up, and talk to those around us. Ya never know the interesting people you can meet.