Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Be Unrepeatable!

Create your own magic and try not to copy others. That is all very nice, but it is amazing in the world of competition how many people really do try and copy each other. Now this is not about benchmarking - this is about losing sight of what is real and what is made up. I have had the opportunity to work with many different types of people, both in my company and outside. All of these individuals brought something unique to the table, but when push came to shove, some of them could not stand up to the test of being an individual with their own ideas.

Please note - this is about some people...not all! How can you really excel if you are not authentic? How can you deliver excellence to your customers, co-workers and your company, if you have nothing original to bring to the table. Remember, we are not talking about inventing the next cool tech toy - I am merely speaking about making things happen. In some cases, it isn't even about being different - it is simply about making things happen - all by yourself.

In a world where everyone seems to be hunting for new business, canvessing the sea of prospects and looking for a new way to add value to their cusomers and cash to their bottom line, it is time to live life with some "juice."

Start with stamping out conformity, form letters, emails with no meaning. Amaze yourself by trying something new. Don't set back and say "later." If not now, when? Delight those around you by transforming negativity into a new thought. Confront someone who is driving you crazy, challenge your peers to step it up a notch, and turn your personal life upside down - have fun by living each moment with a smile.

Being unrepeatable means that you truly bring something to the table. You are not a phoney, fake or trying to be something you are not. Just try to experience each day by participating in life in your own shoes. You will be amazed at what you can do. Stop hiding behind what others think you should be, and share what you are. This is the life we chose, therefore let's accept it.

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