Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The "AIG" Effect - All is Good!

It is April 1 and no fools are rushing in. We have all taken the past several months very seriously, and now it is time for a wonderful second quarter. I was in a meeting last week, when everyone agreed that we need to focus on the positive - "All is Good." Instead of "the AIG effect."

People are back to work - business is humming - I notice it everywhere. I was in NYC with my daughter shopping over the weekend, and I am NOT exaggerating that there were lines in the stores like it was Christmas. People were not just browsing - they were shopping, dining, drinking, laughing and spending money.

So here is my hit list for all of you to start of the second quarter:

1. Reach out to every one of your customers and find out what you can do to assist them in areas you may not have provided before - make your business a one stop shopping experience for them.

2. Re-look at your organization and find weak areas that need to be polished, strengthened, fine tuned and improved for quality and efficiency. After finding the gaps - create a plan to close those gaps and improve how business gets done.

3. Create a positive energy campaign in the office - the 3 E's - energy, enthusiasm, and energy. Look at everything - the way the phone is answered, the smiles on the team members face (or lack of), the creativity in the proposals, the honesty in the feedback, the development of the team and the ability to find new business.

It is so important to keep on a high - keep things rolling. Business will continue to get better as we in business get stronger. Strength comes knowledge, honesty and a clear vision of the future - so April Fools Day for me - this has all been a bad joke and it is over!

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