Saturday, February 7, 2009

Let's Take This Opportunity to Succeed!

It is February and still the media, government and even your friends are focusing on the dismal economy and what lies ahead. I am refusing to let this get me down. The apathy that fills the air is pathetic - we have never "saved" our way out of an economic crisis and we certainly won't this time. It is time to figure out how to grow your business - encourage your employees and create new, exciting ideas that will innovate our way through this mess. I didn't need a bail out, I didn't cheat investors and I certainly am not going to curb spending, traveling or conducting business on the road. I am an entrepreneur and I will continue to find ways to make money. I am a sales leader, a coach, a parent and the "stimulus package" for my company and family. I don't believe in negativity and yet I believe in reality. There has never been a better time to show the world what you can do... I plan on doing just that. So those who think I am crazy, can just set back in their easy chair and watch as life passes by. When you are living life, you are tackling problems - not hiding out waiting for hope to pick you up. So with that, I am off on a plane to Lisbon - upgraded to business class using miles - not money, reading The Ascent of Money by Niall Ferguson to figure out the history of money and how to make it all work in 2009! Have a great week - and remember that the miracle is YOU!

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