Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Full On!

I talk about positivity, I talk about going the extra mile, I talk about thinking beyond your boundaries and disruptive innovation. What is next? It is about you wanting to make things better. To communicate better, sell better, be a better partner/friend/spouse/parent or boss means that you take on each and every moment "full on!" I starting saying the phrase "full on" years ago when I would be telling a story and get excited - people would say to me, "really, did that happen," and my answer was not yes, no or maybe, it was "full on." It actually does not make a lot of grammatical sense, but I never worry too much about that - what it means is to allow life to come at you "full on."

January is almost over - financially speaking everyone is holding back until the first quarter is over...I say why hold back? While everyone is standing still - I am moving at a fast pace - "full on." I don't agree to let this "slowdown" actually "slow me down." In fact, just the opposite. Remember to be noticed you must keep moving while everyone else stands still. This is the year of hope, change and uncertainty for some. For me it is the year of success, pride, certainty, fulfilling my dreams and working harder than ever! Good luck as we enter the second month of this fabulous year!

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