Thursday, February 26, 2009

Business Means Business!

There is not a day that goes by as a motivational, sales trainer that I don't encounter people asking for help. What can I do to find more business, make more money or keep my job? The answer to all of these questions lies with you. Master Connection Associates has created a "stimulus plan" for their customers. We have the ability through our customer service, sales and leadership training to connect with your staff to create a positive outlook of the future. So what is the catch - it is simple. First and foremost you have to open your mind and be positive. The negative attitude and conversations that are taking place around the water cooler need to stop. Sure people are losing their jobs, lay offs are never easy, but creating a negative atmosphere for those that are left to pick up the pieces is not the way to pull ourselves out of this mess. So here are some tips to guide you through the next several months.

1. Stop all negative chatter around the water cooler
2. Communicate everything that is going on in the company - keep people informed
3. Hold people accountable
4. Don't let slackers off the hook
5. Reward and praise the super stars in public
6. Don't allow anyone to play the blame game
7. Allow everyone to feel free to ask questions
8. Create an environment that allows all employees to give feedback to one another
9. Open up yourself as a leader to feedback
10. Remember to stay positive - tough times don't last, but tough people do!

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