Friday, July 25, 2008

Fly the Friendly Skies

So here we are at the end of July (almost) and what a time we have all had traveling. I have slept at O'hare, missed flights, lost my luggage and even then - I love this life. I showed up in Dallas for a session with no suitcase, made a quick trip to the local Walmart - and voila - a new look for me at least.

The reason I am writing about this is the attitudes I encountered during some of my issues this week on the road. On Wednesday evening - July 23rd O'hare had a lot of problems - a majority of flights were cancelled on all airlines due to bad storms on the East Coast and Hurricane Dolly in Texas. Oh well...we move on. Well not for everyone - I went to The Red Carpet Club and witnessed the most awful behavior from the well travel executives. Grown men yelling at the Red Carpet Associates - demanding things way beyond their control. Are you kidding me? So I did what I do best - made friends with the ladies at the counter and not only got my self a room (which they don't give for weather issues) but upgraded on my next flight.

Please understand me - I too get tired and cranky sometimes. But taking it out on the people that work for the airlines is crazy. Let's stop the airline bashing and recognize that without them, we don't travel!


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for motivating all of us at the NACE conference. I just bought your book and cant wait to read it. Your closing session is the most memorible from the entire conference!... Let me know when you are in chicago, would love to take you to lunch. J.B.

Anonymous said...

The closing session for NACE was outstanding! You left me motivated, inspired and ready to take control of the crazy life that I live. THANK YOU for being you and sharing how to to live life to the fullest.