Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July in London

Summer is here and I am in London working - raining, cold and not even close to the summer weather I left in California. I started to complain about it and then looked around at the people on the train yesterday in Central London. All wrapped up in their coats, rain boots and umbrella's and still laughing, eating ice cream and not even noticing the rain. What is it about happy people that can turn anything around?

I thought about this as I rode back toward my hotel. Then it dawned on me. People in general are really very nice - it is just hard sometimes to see everyone that way.

So today, I want you to stop and see the world through different eyes. Smile at the grumpiest person you meet today - whether at work, the bank, the store or on the airplane. Try it! Don't think that I am crazy. I have tried this the past few days, and I have gotten 100% compliance. Each grumpy person I look at and smile, ends up smiling back at me. Now I want you to be honest with yourself - you may have to look in the mirror and smile at yourself before you can try this on others.

You and I both know that the attitude you put into life reflects in the attitude you get from life. So today is the start of something special - YOU! Focus on yourself for a while. What makes you happy? What can you do differently at work? How can you face someone at work who is negative and let them know that you don't appreciate it? How can you change something at home to be more positive? And finally - when will you finally realize that it is all about YOU? You personally have the ability to make these changes. No one can make them for you. Start smiling, start laughing, start living and start today!

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