Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cindy Novotny - The Reality Show of Business!

So here we are almost through August - sorry I haven't posted anything for a few weeks. Traveling, vacation, family and of course "work." Speaking of work I have decided to add a new element to our current programs. "Working Hard" - a reality show of life by Cindy Novotny. So many people want the new and exciting form of education, but what is really needed is simply good old fashion hard work - pull yourself up by the boot straps and get out there - reality at it's finest. I call this "show business."

Recently I was speaking to a large group about prospecting for new business and the response is always the same. "I just don't like to prospect." So knowing that the biggest craze in the media are reality shows, I put them into their own script. Teams were made up, names were created, T Shirts were designed, deadlines and quotas given and the race began. It was amazing to see the energy, excitement and passion around the "work." If that is what it takes, let's get racing to the finish line.

I am overwhelmed by so many people focusing so much on this "younger generation." The X'ers, the Y's and so forth - can't wait for the new name to come out! I too was a X'er once - a 30 year old that thought I knew everything and that my boss was too old to know what was "cool." Well several years later, and more experience under my belt - I now know that I learned a great deal over the years and the "older" bosses did know what they were talking about.

The reality here is that successful people and companies will always be about "A " performers out performing others on the team. It is what it is! Again - Reality! We can blog, podcast, email, facebook, play virtual reality games all we want, but the customers want to do business face to face, with the "A" performer. Are you one?

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