Friday, July 20, 2012

Smiles, Charity and Inspiration

A few weeks ago I spoke at a National Charity League Event for one of my team members in my corporate office and her daughter. I have to say, what an inspirational day this was for me and for the audience of about 50 young girls and their mothers. Normally, a day in the life of Cindy Novotny is not working with young teenage girls but when I was standing up on that stage looking down at all their innocent faces, I realized, it's fantastic to make a difference in someone's life. After the speech, I had all these girls and their mothers coming up to me with endless smiles. You could tell that these were some good girls, but the ones that may have a little chip on their shoulder, were brought back down to Earth at a young age - no matter what age you are, sometimes you must be brought back to reality and realizing what an impact you can make on certain individuals lives. I was featured in the Orange County Register and that felt amazing. This was not about me. This was about these young girls, smiling, feeling good about their charity efforts and ready to take the world by storm - because guess what ladies and gentlemen, these girls will be working for you in about 5 years! Cheers to a fabulous weekend!


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