Thursday, July 15, 2010

Too Many People Think They are Experts!

I am amazed at how many people think they are experts when in reality they don't even have a clue. I just laugh at the amount of know it alls out there. You may think that I am one of these - but if you knew me well you would know that I am always open to learning and receiving feedback. Remember I am a trainer & speaker and get evaluated every day. My life revolves around 1 to 5!

So what is my gripe about now? Recently I have bumped into some sales professionals in our industry who think they have it all going - and when push comes to shove, they fail miserably. Why would anyone try to act like this? Why would you pretend you are the biggest, the best and untouchable, when you need the feedback and training more than some of the newer and younger team members.

The time has come to wake up and realize that whatever got you to this point - your degree in business from 1974 or your past jobs is meaningless today unless you continue to change and learn.

So welcome to a new day and welcome to reality! Those that think they know it all need a big wake up call.....

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