Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Authentic Life

So September is over - Jessica has moved to College Station, TX to attend the home campus of Texas A&M and I jumped back into work and life. I left Texas after helping my family and flew to London to work with a wonderful client. Trains, planes and automobiles...I trained in a different city every day for 5 days - traveling by train, planes and cars throughout England. It was great and although it was hard work I was back in the saddle again where I do my best - training, speaking and enjoying every city I go to. Again, the train rides were fun, and the dinners and desserts fab! While I was there we met with another great client and he introduced us to one of his former associates that was moving to Dubai to work for a great company. During dinner we were laughing, sipping wine and discussing all the woes of the world! At one point I do what I always do and ask a lot of questions about people....I started by asking how she got in the business she is in - customer service, finance and leadership when the story began to unfold. She was actually a nuclear physicist - a real "rocket scientist"! Then everything for me came into perspective. I had dealt with so much anxiety with the hurricane - the economy was falling apart - the media was driving me crazy with such negativity and now I am laughing and sipping wine with a "rocket scientist" and she is normal, nice, smart and FUN! I deal with so much feedback in my career - one group loves me and then there are a few people who are "over" me and have no problem letting me know....well I am authentic! I am Cindy Novotny - I walk it, I talk it, I live it and I deliver on my promises. I meet so many great people who are also very talented and authentic and then there are always the few that aren't. You know who you are - if you are reading my blog chances are you are curious and get it - but are you truly authentic?

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