Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Where is Your Game?

This past weekend I had a great time with my 20 year old daughter Jessica in NYC....we shopped, ate in the best restaurants, and went to great shows! What really stood out was some of the conversations we had - politics, service ideas, working hard and the differences between the generations. One thing that stood out was her ideas about how too many people don't care in business today. Rude sales clerks in stores, servers in restaurants that don't listen and mess up the order and even drivers of limos that put you in total danger as you blast through the city. She made it very clear that they are not in the "game." So we discussed "the game." If you are in business, in school or even just dating - you need "game." A passion for everything you do. If you don't like what you are doing- it shows. The sales manager who could care less about the customer who just called them, the manager who doesn't put any effort into developing their people, and servers who are more interested in their tip than the service they provide. We are almost to the 2nd quarter of the year....let's get back in the game. If you need answers or just some good reality check - ask me. I am here to help you "re-ignite the fire." Have a great March.....Cindy

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