Monday, March 24, 2008

So here I am sitting once again at the airport waiting on a flight. On my way to London and then after a week working there on to Cairo again. I am spending more time out of the US this year it seems. Had a great weekend though at home and the weather was spectacular. I must admit that I had the feeling of winter this year even as a California girl. I spent so much time in NYC, Boston, DC and other cold spots that sunshine was very welcome. Jessie was home for the weekend and we had so much fun - life couldn't get any better when she is home! But work calls and we (Lefty and I) are off and flying.

I spent the week before Easter working with a great group of people from so many different backgrounds, and again it reminded me that regardless of culture, age or background - selling is selling and it makes no difference who you are or who you are selling to - know the details and focus on the customer. I think too many sales people continue to forget who really pays their is the customer and without that customer there is no future.

We are entering the 2nd quarter of 2008 - boy time flies, but don't let the time fly by so fast that you forget to remember who is "king." The Client is and always will be!

Enjoy your week - focus - challenge yourself - prospect for new business - and never ever forget why you chose your life - Ignite your Fire....Cindy

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JC said...


You are amazing! Your energy passion and zest for everything you do inspires me to continue to focus on what I want out of my life. Thank you! JC