Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Art of Craft!

The word crafts conjures images of handmade macramé hangers, dried bead mosaics, and clay pots. It always seemed like a ‘throw back’ activity until my most talented daughter enlighten me with her gift and talent. Research from the Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) found that people dabble into crafts because it provides a creative outlet, offers a sense of accomplishment, promotes relaxation, provides a challenge and serves as a way to learn something new. The CHA also found that more than half of all households have at least one member who crafts. Regardless of the reason they are driven to create something, and there is financial success by making things by hand. I am an entrepreneur and will always look for a way to increase revenue. I have crafted along the way – I started a company back in the late 80’s – Creative Scarves – fast forward to today with my latest invention of ‘bodacious bibs’ – which by the way weren’t that popular in Orange County, California – home of the ‘real housewives of the OC’. But let’s face it – I am in the business world and all the painting, sculpting and drawing will not bring home enough bacon to fry it up in a pan. But my darling daughter on the other hand has it all. She graduated from Texas A+M, joined our firm and has been a top sale person in the company for 3 years. In addition she crafts – she is talented, passionate and extremely committed to making authentic gifts for her loved ones and selling these crafts along the way. I have always believed in following your dream and in her case I will hope her dream will always intersect with our business. Here is to creativity, drive, passion and a will to create more than what is just handed to you!

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