Friday, November 9, 2012

The Past = The Future

Looking at your past can always allow you to see a better vision of your future. Twenty five years ago I started Master Connection Associates, and my father was the foundation of my new future. My dad – Ed Pierce, was the head of training & development for The Shell Oil Company. I had watched for years as he led a team of training professionals all over the world in the oil industry. He was an icon with American Society of Training & Development and a founding member of Sales Marketing - Training organization. I brainstormed with him about my idea for training in the hospitality industry and his guidance and feedback was the pathway to where I am today. As a successful Director of Marketing with Westin Hotels & Resorts, I felt I had what was needed to be a great trainer. He felt otherwise. He told me the last thing I wanted to be was “one of the people out there telling their old stories.” So I took his advice, studied the field of adult education and he began to mold me. The rest became history. Today, he is still our mentor, designer and oversees the Educational Technologists on our team. He is my go to person for advice, challenges and new ideas. Many times we forget about who and what got us to where we are today, and that it may not take us into the future, but it is and always will be our foundation that will help create our success tomorrow. Never forget what got you here, and never stop looking at where you are going.

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