Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Email is not a Conversation! I have been saying for the past few years that everyone needs to pick up the phone more and call each other rather than having an entire conversation via email. Recently I have seen a few cases where things got heated up because of what was being said in an email conversation. You can not communicate passion, excitement or frustration in an email - it is always misinterpreted. This applies to business, family and inter-office communication. Say what you mean and get it said in less time than texting or typing an email. Everyone is so concerned about the future of relationships. I hear from my clients in the law firms, hotels, medical centers, real estate and retail that they need to build better relationships in and outside of their organization. If you want to influence people you need to talk with them - not to them! Whether you are in sales, a managing partner in a professional service firm or selling a luxury consumer product - people do business with people. So stop being lazy, stop hiding behind the keyboard and reach out to those you want to talk with - you will be amazed at your success!

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