Monday, February 27, 2012

Reinventing the Wheel Constantly in Business Just Gets you a FLAT!

Every where you look managers are struggling with sluggish sales, lack of employee accountability, increased costs in doing business and just simply getting worn out based on how hard you have to work today versus a few years ago to get the same results. So what is their answer - change things up - look for a magic wand to spark a recovery to their business.

Well I have news for you. There is no special wand or secret weapon - there is only one consistent means to the end. Straight talk, hard working leaders that create the future leaders. Not managers hiding behind the latest book, or the last speech they heard, but seriously doing what they were hired to do. Make things happen!

There is such a difference between a manager and a leader. Today the difference is even more glaring - either show up and make a difference or play your politics until someone plays harder than you and wins. Make no mistake about it - there is only one way to really win and that is to get into the game and play - not sit on the sidelines and coach in a game where you really don't even understand the rules!

Stop trying to come up with a new "widget." Just get serious about the reality of your business and do it better than everyone else.

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