Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Art of Focus

How many times today, yesterday, in the past weeks and month have you said, "I really need to sit down and focus today." We all say it far too much and have a real issue with actually TRULY focusing on the task at hand. This results in decreased productivity and overall poor efficiency for you and your team.

Too many people start things, lose focus and never get back to finishing them. Yes, we get it - things come up, the phone rings, you get 1,000 emails in one day. But, believe me, I spend my life on the road and you have to learn to live with no balance sometimes and continued to stay on the track in the midst of something we call, life...

This is why people have a hard time in business - they open a new restaurant or store but the dreams and FOCUS that got them to that point in the first place are never realized because of the lost focus.

Do not lose focus on your dreams and goals. Set some for yourself this week and actually follow through with them. You will be amazed at the outcome...

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