Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Masters!

As many of you know - in the past year, I have become quite the golf aficionado! This past week I attended The Masters Golf Invitational in Augusta, Georgia. What an experience and class act event.

As a difference in many industries and companies, these employees were actually excited to be working there and passionate about making every attendee's experience an unforgettable one. With proper etiquette while interacting with guests, exquisite customer service and an overall feeling of well-being while being there, makes this event one of the best in the world.

Because traveling around the world and driving customer service values is a huge part of my life - I wanted to share how unbelievable the experience is.

Another obvious aspect of the event, is the golf - ha! I attended all 3 practice rounds and really got to see the golfers up close and personal. I watched them practice with their coaches and analyze their intense concentration while putting. I believe that this determination, concentration and hard work should be put into all of our daily tasks and jobs. Every week these men play, their number one goal is to win...and in your job on a weekly basis, your ultimate goal should be to WIN too...

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