Thursday, September 23, 2010

Do You Really Want Success? Then Fight For It!

Watch This Inspiring Video:

Success has nothing to do with luck. Success to me is when opportunity meets hard work. For years I have been a big believer in working harder than everyone around me. Some my competitors (even peers) used to believe I worked so hard to make “Brownie Points.” Nothing could be further from the truth. I have always worked harder than others around me so that I could produce more than they did. Now if you don’t have that competitive spirit – then you will never be as successful as you claim you want to be.

Setting back in your easy chair and watching life pass you by will get you nowhere. Jump in with both feet and make a difference in everything you do – both personally and professionally. You have to want it more than others want it. You have to fight for it more than others fight for it and you must believe in it more than others believe in it.

How many people get up every day and just go through the motions and ponder why they are not more successful than they currently are? What have you done today to get better? What have you done this week to make more money? What have you done this month to live a fuller life?

Just like the video clip we shared with you today – you have to want to be as successful as you want to breathe fresh air!

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