Sunday, July 5, 2009

Do You Really Want a Change Agent?

Everyone is looking for a "golden bullet" to make things better. Well business is clearly picking up, it still will be a while before we are back in the "business booming" phase. So let's talk about change.

Change it up, make it different, come up with a new way to be successful. That is the mantra of today - everyone wants to throw out the old because business has been bad, and forget about what results we actually got from the "old."

Call me old fashion, call me too rigid, call me too simple. But don't call me unsuccessful. I am very successful both personally and professionally and it drives me crazy how so many people want that success without the hard work. I know, you think, oh here we go again with Cindy on her soap box. Well if you don't like my soap box don't read my blog, my facebook, my twitter or even my emails. I won't get off this soap box until those who want the quick, easy solution to our problems start to get to work - and I mean "work."

Take looking for new opportunities or new business. You can call it whatever you want to call it - but it is prospecting for new business. Why does everyone try and sugar coat it, call it something else? It is picking up the phone, trying to get prospective customers to talk to you about your ideas, your products or services. It is that simple, but not that easy!

My daughter Jessie, who is 21 and getting ready for her senior year at Texas A+M is so excited about all the opportunities out there. This week, she and a friend brainstormed ideas for new companies. I jumped right in. Every idea was great and the energy was fabulous. Now comes the heavy lifting - putting ideas to work means "work."

So let's go back to the change agent. What is funny to me is when everyone wants change, and we go in and start to call it like it is, no one wants the truth. It reminds me of the movie "A Few Good Men." "You Can't Handle the Truth." If you really want change, you may need to look inward first. Do you as the boss, the leader the business person really want all that comes with the change? If not - don't ask for it. Start to make sure that what should be going on in your business is actually happening. Is everyone working at the speed and accuracy you need? If not...start there before you call in the change agent!


Anonymous said... mantra 100%. No one handed it to our forefathers and it should not be handed to our kids. Be ready to go back and start over, if you must. But work is what makes the character. You're right on target, Cindy.

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